National Inpatient Medication Chart Audit System

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National Standard Medication Chart (NSMC) Audit System and NSMC National Audit

Updates to audit questions and new NSMC audit system

In 2017, the Commission undertook a comprehensive review of the NIMC audit tool, to ensure that the audit questions align with current versions of National Standard Medication Charts (NSMCs), to improve usability, and to better support local quality improvement.

The revised audit is called the National Standard Medication Chart (NSMC) Audit. The NSMC Audit includes:

  • An audit form that enables modular auditing of specific sections of the chart
  • A reporting template which highlights areas of improvement
  • Alignment with the audit needs of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme hospital medication chart (PBS HMC)
  • Improved user-friendliness
  • A focus on driving safety and quality improvement.

The Commission is making a range of new NSMC Audit support materials available on its website to inform hospitals about the changes.

Hospitals undertaking audit using the existing NIMC audit questions and tools, must complete these by midnight on Tuesday 31 July.

From 31 July the NIMC audit question set and NIMC audit spreadsheet tool will no longer be available. Hospitals will still be able to access their old reports.

The commission will coordinate an NSMC National Audit in October 2018. Detailed information about the audit will be circulated closer to the date.

Actions required by you:

  1. Complete all data entry by 31 July 2018
  2. Ensure your contact details are correct
  3. Prepare for the new module launch
  4. Prepare your hospital audit team for the National Audit to be held in October 2018.

Many thanks for your cooperation.

Kind regards,

The NIMC Audit System Team

Please find the old Audit materials here. These will be discontinued from 1 August, 2018

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